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Melex leak detection in Coeur d’Alene is the premier water leak detection company for your leak detection needs. Our trained staff is dedicated to locating the source of underground leaks without causing damage to your home, office, or property. When looking for a Kootenai County underground leak detection company, call Melex leak detection. You will be our priority!


Used to view and record underground pipes. Sonde in the head of the unit allows for the precise locating of the camera. A self-leveling head helps distinguish anomalies better.

Attaches to push cam head to allow for use in larger pipes. Also has a lighting kit to facilitate a wider view.

Used to listen to pipes and appurtenances to detect leaks. Multiple microphone styles for direct contact, smooth surface, and rough surface. Sniffer used when unable to locate leak through auscultation. Uses an inert gas that is introduced into the system. The gas flows out the leak then is detected by the sniffer apparatus.

A device used to locate non-ferrous pipes. Attaches directly to the pipe or plumbing of appurtenances. Sends a signal through the pipe that is detected with the Geophone.

Able to use passive or direct connection modes to locate underground pipes and wires.

Able to use passive or direct connection modes to locate underground pipes or wires. Also able to locate ground faults or wire breaks.

Uses infrared spectrum for viewing of temperature differences on a minute scale. Works great for finding leaks in walls and ceilings, as well as varmint intrusion. Energy audits and troubleshooting & maintenance of mechanical devices as well.

Used to help determine the condition of wires, circuits, and electrical devices.

Used to help determine the location of ground faults and breaks. Also helps to determine the condition of wire and wire insulation.

We pressurize your pool by plugging all of the drains in order to determine the location of the leak.



    ” Thanks, Sean. And it has been a pleasure working with you, for sure. And, thanks for your amazing patience.”

    Larry & Connie

    Sean, thank you very much for the great service you provided to the Port of Moses Lake. I appreciate you accommodating the schedules of our tenants and giving up your “off” time to do so, not to mention the inclement weather! I’m happy to recommend your services and should we need leak detection in the future, we will not hesitate to contact you.

    Carol Gibson
    Director of Real Estate