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Sewer leaks can cause slow drainage in your property, erosion, and a sulfuric or rotten egg smell. Melex Detection offers the newest testing technology to find the origin of the problem in your sewer lines. Root invasion, rocks, and soil movement cause stress on the drain line and could lead to breakage and separation. If you suspect a sewer line leak in your home, commercial building, or municipality, call Melex underground leak detection in North Idaho to assess and repair your property.


The integrity of your sewer system is crucial! Melex sewer leak detection will find and inspect the compromised area.


Melex Detection specializes in locating septic systems as well as detecting structural damage and septic repair. Melex leak detection in North Idaho provides fast, dependable, and affordable septic system services for Kootenai and surrounding counties. Melex Detection specializes in residential and commercial septic services, 24hr emergency septic services, and septic system repairs.

Offering a wide range of commercial, municipal, and residential septic services, Melex Detection locates, repairs, replace septic pumps, cleans, and services of all types of septic systems. Melex Detection also offers backhoe service, and lift station installation, all with a Certified Installer at a moment’s notice.



    “You are my proof that there are angels among us. Thank you Melex Detection for your kindness. You will always be remembered in our family.

    Patty S.