"We have used Melex Detection in the
past and have had great results. The
determination and work ethic are very

We called a couple other services before
we found Melex. They did not find our leak
and basically gave up after a few hours of

Sean stayed on the problem, and even
brought in some extra equipment to help
with the search.  We located our leak,
and are very grateful that Melex detection
was there.  Prices are very reasonable,
and the equipment is state of the art.

You will be my first call next time! "
Jeff Sheets A.F.O.
Silverwood Theme Park and
Boulder Beach Water Park
Melex leak detection in Coeur d’Alene is the premier water leak
detection company for your leak detection needs. Our trained
staff isdedicated to locating the source of your underground leaks
without causing damage to your home, office or property. When
looking for a Kootenai County underground leak detection
company, call Melex leak detection. You will be our priority!
  • Water Service Lines
  • Well Lines
  • Hot & Cold Sewer Lines
  • Sewer
  • Sewer Odor
  • Basement Leaks
  • Underground Leak Detection
  • Swimming Pool Leaks
Normally, the first indicator of an underground leak is an abnormally high water bill. This may be
due to an underground leak. Melex leak detection will assess the issue with the newest
technology, diagnose the problem and begin assessing the underground leak.
Water Service Lines
Initially, the indicator of an underground leak in the well line is the pump recycling more often
and the loss of pressure. Melex water leak detection will locate the leak and assess the area in order
to restore your water flow.
Well Lines
If you suspect a leak and/or a hot spot on the floor, there may be a leak under the slab. Call
Melex leak detection so we can address the issue of your underground leak.
Hot and Cold Water Lines
Due to heavy rain or snow, water may seep through cracks behind the drywall. Melex leak
detection in Coeur d’Alene will inspect the entry points and treat the cracks to stop the water
leaks from continuing.
Basement Leaks
Water Service Lines
Call Melex Detection before you dig. Melex will use the newest technology available to locate
sewer laterals, storm drains, water lines, irrigation lines and power lines all in one appointment.
Melex Detection
North Idaho’s Leader in Under Ground Leak
Detection & Repair
We will perform a complete pressure test of all underground plumbing to confirm that the leak is in
the underground plumbing. Each line will be tested individually. If any line does not hold pressure
during the pressure test, this is an indication of a cracked fitting or broken pipe.
Swimming Pool Leak Detectiion
I want to thank Sean Moore for his quick
response in locating a leak in our water
system affecting about 20 patrons. We
were leaking about 50k gallons per day.
The water did not surface at all. Within 2
hours, Sean pinpointed the leak, and we
had it repaired the same afternoon. I
highly recommend Melex Detection.

Thank you Sean.
Mike Waterhouse
Manager Kootenai County Water District #1.
Leak Detection
Your Local Source for
Serving Kootenai County & Surrounding Area
Foundation & Slab Leaks
Movement in the foundation of your home could be caused by a plumbing leak under
the slab. Water and sewer lines beneath your home or commercial facility can cause
cracks and movement in the structure. At Melex underground leak detection, we can
find the leak to stop further erosion of the ground below your home or business. We
can check for leak location with state-of-the-art equipment without using invasive
procedures. Melex Detection can discuss with you the optimal course of action to
minimize property damage.
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